Organic Dark Roast Coffees

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Dark Roast coffees from Café Altura Organic Coffee – family owned and operated since 1979 – are carefully managed by our skilled roasters who plan each roast to ensure that our Dark Roast coffees are full-bodied, bold and glistening with a hint of natural oils. Dark Roast coffees are perfect for those who appreciate a deeper tone and a fuller mouth feel. While significantly darker than our regular or medium roast, Café Altura Dark Roasts are still lighter than our Espresso or French roast offerings. Café Altura Organic Coffee offers a wide variety of Dark Roast coffees from around the globe and is packaged just the way you like it: pre-ground cans for convenience, ground-on-demand done in our high quality burr grinder to ensure an even grind, or our most popular whole bean options that maintain the coffees freshness until brewing. Café Altura is a 100% organic company with additional Fair Trade, Biodynamic and Decaffeinated options prepared to a perfect, Dark Roast profile.

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