Ethiopian Sidamo Dark Roast Decaf


A Natural Process, Water-Decaf Sidamo from producers certified as Organic and Fair Trade.

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  • Ethiopian Sidamo Dark Roast Decaf

    The cup taste has distinct brightness, accented with citrus and a touch of spice. The body is clear and light. Like most African coffees, Ethiopia Sidamo is valued for its spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma. The Mountain Water Process uses only fresh water to remove the caffeine from the green coffee beans before we roast it here in California. Decaffeinated using only Mountain Water. Certification : Organic
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    Amazing Tasting Decaf Coffee

    I love coffee and am always on the look out for a whole bean water processed decaf coffee. Some are good, some aren't. This one is excellent. From the first sip I could tell it was fresh and delicious. It was very flavorful. I used it in both my drip coffee maker and my french press. It was excellent in both.

    Annie M. -
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    Finally Found an organic decaf that doesn't taste like decaf!

    An organic decaf coffee that actually tastes like a full bodied cup of coffee!

    Marc S. -
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