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Decaffeinated using only Mountain Water, Cafe Altura's Organic Espresso Roast Decaf is a full-bodied, robust, fresh roast without the caffeine.

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  • Espresso Decaf

    DECAF (Hon_Caf�s Finos de Corquin)

    Decaffeinated using only Mountain Water.

    Region: Corquin, Copan, Honduras
    Altitude: 1,000 - 1,800 meters
    Process: Fully washed and dried in the sun
    Variety: Catuai, Caturra , Pacas, Ihcafe-90, Lempira, Icatu, Parafinem
    Harvest: November - March
    Soil: Clay mineral

    Certification : Organic

    About the farm: Cafe Altura Espresso Decaf Roast is sourced from family-owned farms organized around Cafes Finos de Corquin (CAFICO). CAFICO is an association of more than 400 farming families with farms that average 10 acres in size within the community of Corquin in the department of Copan, Honduras.

    CAFICO has established an inovative Finca Modelo (model farm) to develop good coffee practices that are practical and appropriate for the Corquin micro-region. Members of COFICO credit the model farm for improvements in their strategies for picking coffee, fermentation and drying practices.

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    Love this decaf

    I love dark roast coffee and for decaf I want water process. It tastes amazing, great flavor, good price. Would buy this again and am planning on buying their regular brew as well.

    Kristina Carlton -
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    A rare find — organic espresso roast with flavor!

    I like a nice, flavorful café latte, but I often need decaf.  I have found it very difficult to find decaf espresso roast, or any decaf, that is strong enough and still retains good flavor, especially organic. This is the best I've found, and I have really looked, both locally, and online. I'm so glad Café Altura buys from the small growers, and keeps it organic. It's how we should have been treating the Earth and our fellow inhabitants all along! 

    TippiDee - Florida
    I primarily drink Cafe Altura coffee at:
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